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Just a few Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Full kitchen rebuilds from floor to ceiling.

Nice Local kitchen

Finishing off a Wren Kitchen just a few days before Christmas

Solid oak work-tops supplied by ourselves in a nice spacious kitchen

Tiny Galley Kitchen but still managed to fit everything in

to make a perfect cooking environment.

 Another small kitchen making use of every last bit of space

even under the sink with carefull plumbing.

Kitchen of distinction!

Walnut floor granite and stainless steel countertops

Belfast sink Solid Oak tops

Compact wetroom 

Kitchen revamp with new Solid Oak countertops

Large walk-in wetroom en-suit with mood lighting!

Dog-proof kitchen well almost!

A single run in galley kitchen Solid oak framed doors.

Utility room maximising space.

 Bathroom with freestanding bath.

Compact bathroom

Compact Kitchen

Pewter knobs and handles

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